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What is Z Wave?

Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol used primarily for home automation. It is oriented to the residential control and automation market and is intended to provide a simple and reliable method to wirelessly control lighting, HVAC, security systems, home cinema, automated window treatments, swimming pool and spa controls, and garage and home access controls.


  • Peace of mind knowing your home is secure - no matter where you are

  • More money in your pocket by saving energy easily - with no sacrifice

  • Convinience like you’ve never known - one button to “shut down” your home when you leave

  • Security knowing you’ll receive an alert if there is any trouble at home - water, fire, alarm, door/window sensors


10 Things to know about Z Wave

  • Easy to install

  • Does not require any rewiring - no new wires!

  • Quick response

  • Affordable - get started with minimum investment and easily add on more products

  • Reliable - Over ten years in the market

  • Secure - same encryption as online banking

  • Lots of choices - styles, price points, colors, etc.

  • Already 50 million products in homes worldwide

  • Biggest brand names use Z-Wave

  • 9 out of 10 leading security companies use Z-Wave

Source: http://www.z-wave.com/