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Silop Smart Office Experience

  • IoT powered Customizable & Scalable Smart Automation

  • Two way communication between sensors to enable system health feedback

  • Send customized notifications & view event logs

  • Automatic responses to activate actions without human intervention

  • Smart Phone and Tablet Controlled

  • Lighting System: Control your entire office with lighting control system using smart phone or tablets.

  • Security System: With lights becoming part of the security it provides added security to your office in case of any breach.

  • Digital Door locks can be automated and operated from anywhere

  • BGM integrated with main automation system provides additional control on the system with each zone users choosing what to listen as per their mood

  • HVAC Control System: Set and lock the temperature or let users control their cabin temperature using smart devices.

Pro-active Security


Smart Conference Room

1. Before the Meeting: The temperature gets adjusted to optimum 5 minutes prior to meeting, motorized shades come down and cover the glass walls. The lights turn on and the conference audio video system wakes up from standby to active mode.

2. During the Meeting: As the presentation is about to begin, the lights dim, projector descends from the fall ceiling along with the projection screen, sound system adjusts to presentation mode and intercom is set to DND mode.

3. After the Meeting: Motion Sensors senses Zero movement after the room is vacated. All active systems such as, AC’s, Lights, Audio & Video systems, Projectors sequentially shut down. Shades go back to their original position and the housekeeper is sent a notification to clear the room.


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